Arlekín Publishing Company

From 2015 to 2018, I designed approximately 80 original book covers. All designs, photos, and illustrations were made by me. Here's a selection of my favorite designs.


Guardians of the kingdom

Critical homage to the book “The Impossible Country of the Philosophers” (a book on the Costa Rican philosophical tradition). An analysis of the guardians of an essentialist, fragile and empty kingdom. A book about making a philosophy less contemplative.


Six years of sex

About the stories of Caridad, Sofía and Kattia that appeared in Soho magazine.


The barbarians were already here

A book about how what we hate in others is actually a reflection of ourselves, because it arose from within us.


The reader's challenge

About how to learn to unravel a book and its context. Like an iceberg, the challenge of a good reader is to find what lies behind the text, in a similar way, the cover also aims to be a reading challenge.


Mal de vida

A book of stories about the journey of human existence and its transformations, towards a mysterious and indecipherable destiny. Everyday stories reveal the great enigma of our lives from the moment we open our eyes to the one we close them.


Life elsewhere

A book about the cultural changes in Costa Rica due to immigration. About separations, but also reunions because migrations involve people with aspirations, dreams and families, not just instruments of work.


Book as a cultural device

A genealogy of the book, its definitions, its success, and the cultural tool it has been in society. A book is more than a set of pages, but instead, a set of signs in a serial order that we can infinitely decode (read).


Sandor Ferenczi

Surreal and fantastic design on free associations, analogies, biology, and phylogeny proposed by the doctor and psychoanalyst Sándor Ferenczi. Silhouettes that reveal the unconscious.


The giant island

The history of Cuban culture from 1959. One of the most characteristic aspects of Cuba is its textured landscape and colors. In a way, culture is everywhere, embedded in public spaces, walls, and architecture, interacting with those who inhabit the city.

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