Las Sandinistas!

Las Sandinistas!

“Las Sandinistas!” is a documentary directed by Jenny Murray about the women who participated in the Nicaraguan Revolution against Somoza’s dictatorship and the crucial role they played in this historical event.

The documentary mentions at the end that we will not see any sculptures of these women, so I decided to create them.


Commander Dora María Téllez ("Commander two")
Leader of one of the strongest blows to the Somoza dictatorship (the National Palace's takeover). She studied medicine and is the founder of a new democratic and progressive political party.


Daisy Zamora (Poetess)
She worked in the development of the culture, arts, and literature in Nicaragua.


Sofía Montenegro
Journalist and feminist activist with extensive experience. She has conducted significant research on gender, feminism, and violence against women in Nicaraguan society.


Mónica Baltodano
Guerrilla and Nicaraguan politician, she stood out in the revolutionary fight against the dictatorship, getting involved in the cities' takeover. She has also held a public office and has dedicated herself to strengthening democracy and a progressive agenda in Nicaragua.


Gioconda Belli
Writer and also a poet she was part of the Sandinista front line and her work revolves around gender issues.

Photos of the real Sandinistas


Dora María Téllez

"Commander two"


Daisy Zamora


Sofía Montenegro


Mónica Baltodano


Bioconda Belli