Morel's invention

This project is centered around Adolfo Bioy Casares' novel, "Morel's Invention" (1940), which follows a fugitive stranded on an island confronted by two intertwined realities: the original one and a recorded version that overlays it. Morel, the inventor, created a machine capable of capturing and projecting every facet of reality, including temperature, tides, and vegetation.

Each chapter of this project features an excerpt from the original book, which is then interpreted through diverse illustrations.


Chapter 1

“The rotating eternity can appear atrocious to the viewer; it is satisfactory for its individuals. Free of bad news and diseases, they always live as if it was the first time, without remembering the previous ones... It can be thought that our life is a week of these images that repeat themselves in neighboring worlds.”


Chapter 2

“As the week repeats throughout the year, you see these mismatched suns and moons...”


Chapter 3

“If the island sank, the images, the museum, the same island would still be visible.”


Chapter 4

“What is thought and felt in life -or in moments of exposure- will be like an alphabet, with which the image will continue to understand everything
(like us, with the letters of an alphabet we can understand and understand the words). Life will therefore be a repository of death.”


Chapter 5

“There are no more unexplained points left, in my diary. The most incredible remains: the coincidence, in the same space, of an object...
...its whole image. This fact suggests the possibility that the world is constituted exclusively by sensations.”


Chapter 6

“He would spend hours immobile without blinking, totally isolated, stuck in some place that I suspected was too far away, but not far outwards as he said, but inwards.”